Implementation Plan ?>

Implementation Plan

The following describes NAFA’s methodology for the deployment of the new electronic tendering strategy as an incremental deployment approach toward achieving the project objectives.


The NAFA website would be reconfigured to accommodate a back-end database (i.e. SQL) and architecture that will handle the RSS feeds and datasets aggregated from the tendering websites.

A comprehensive understanding of the member companies’ capacity will be developed and populated into a database.

The characteristics and attributes within the tender documents will be compared to the member company products, and where there is a match, a broadcast email will be sent automatically to the First Nations company contact person. Tender information gathered from the government procurement websites will be presented in a secure login section that allows members to access the opportunities listings and to examine the supporting tender documentation.

Planning and Deployment

The development of a formalized business plan related to the business model, service offering and execution strategy should be performed. This would include:

  • Business plan and case review
  • Website design and integration
  • RSS feed integration
  • Prototyping
  • Network infrastructure
  • Database creation, population and integration
  • Tender website registration, notifications and RSS feed setup
  • System deployment and optimization
  • Engagement & support to communities
  • Engagement & support to producers
  • Engagement & support to Program Officers
  • Reporting and dashboards